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5/5 stars
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So happy I chose this vendor because this wig is phenomenal. I hate how literally everyone posts a photo and it’s filtered. I want to make a decision based on the actual product not a distorted view. So I didn’t buy this wig from other vendors or almost from this one because of that. So I took pictures of the wig for people like me who want to see how it will actually look with natural lighting on a sunny day, in them a room with overhead lighting only and a little natural light. They will be attached. Some of it in the black net, some not.

First three pics the wig is up against the window with the sun facing directly in. Fourth is of the wig inside no direct sunlight (natural indirect lighting) with overhead lighting. And the last two are inside away from direct sun but toward the window.

Wig is made well. The lace is soft and stretches well.

The color is beautiful. I’m gonna cut it because it’s too long for me. I’m only barely 5’2 and it hits my lower back top of my butt. The wig is a mix of colors.

The hair is soft and easy to manipulate. There is a kiddy part of abt two inches but the hair can flip over beautifully and cover it up. I was concerned about parting but not anymore.

You can put it up in a ponytail if you’re mindful of the edges bc the wefts can show if you aren’t careful. But it’s possible.
5/5 stars
Was this Useful?
Loooove this wig! I get compliments all the time with it! So much fun and such a pretty color! Plan on reviewing it soon on my blog!
5/5 stars
Was this Useful?
It was cute long but it tangles quick so I cut and styled the hair and I like
5/5 stars
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This was my first lace front wig. It's beautiful! Subtle interplay of pinks and corals. THICK AND LONG! Would expect to pay much more for this.
5/5 stars
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it's so beautiful and the looooove this wig exactly as described
5/5 stars
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excellent figment, absolutely satisfied!
5/5 stars
Was this Useful?
Love it! Lots of compliments on it. Looks real
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