How to dye our hair?

Virgin hair natural black is our favourite hair forsure.but sometimes we feel boring with it. We want to dye it to ombre hair.

But how to dye it ,here I giveyou some advise.

Hope it can be helpful for you

1. prepare thelightening or bleaching product.

For dark hair, you need to use this to bleach itto light color .

For light hair, you can skip this step.

2. prepare hairdye.

Choose the hair dye( which your want your hair be) online or in beautysupply store or in your local pharmacy.gloves are also needed pls keep in mind.

3. decide how long you want to dye one yourhair.

Bleach the part of the hair that you want to dye.bleaching your hair willdry it out.

This should be keep in mind. Deep condition the hair to replenish some ofthe lost moisture.

4. mixed the dye as the dye directions.

5.apply the dye to your hair.use a brush topaint or dip it in to the dye,spreading all hair with your gloves..

6.wrap the hair youdyed with aluminum foil.

It will heat up hairand speed up the dying process.

7.leave the dye onyour hair according the direction.

8.use cold water to remove all dye and use a hairconditioner to give your hair some moisture.

Hope this guid willbe helpful to me video or pictures if you want. We can discuss thistogether.



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